Tor browser setting

tor browser setting

In this video I show you how to install, setup (with the best settings) and use the Tor browser anonymously and secure on Windows Это руководство описывает использование Tor Browser в среде Microsoft Windows. Tor Browser won't let me set Master Password I learned so much about all the obscure and esoteric settings available and how to.

Tor browser setting

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В большинстве случаев, выбрав "Соединиться", вы подключитесь к сети Tor без доп опций. Опосля нажатия покажется строчка состояния, показывающая прогресс подключения Tor. Ежели вы используете относительно скорое соединение, но этот статус, кажется, застревает в определенном месте, см. Устранение проблем для получения помощи. Либо, ежели вы понимаете, что ваше соединение подвергается цензуре либо для подключения необходимо применять прокси-сервер, для вас следует выбрать "Настройки сети Tor".

1-ый флаг - Стремительный пуск. Ежели он установлен, каждый раз, когда вы открываете Tor Browser, он будет пробовать подключиться с помощью ваших прошлых сетевых опций. 2-ой флаг спрашивает, желаете ли вы употреблять мост. Ежели вы понимаете, что ваше соединение подвергается цензуре, либо вы пробовали и не смогли подключиться к сети Tor, и никакие остальные решения не посодействовали, выберите "Использовать мост". В итоге покажется раздел Обход для опции подключаемого транспорта либо подключения с помощью Мостов.

3-ий флаг спрашивает, употребляет ли ваше соединение прокси-сервер. В большинстве случаев в этом нет необходимости. I spent all morning perusing the many entries in the link you provided. Unfortunately, none of them were able to solve the problem--directly. I learned so much about all the obscure and esoteric settings available and how to manipulate them that I was able to intuitively synthesize a solution:.

Be advised, though, that under any form of PB, password usage and storage is suppressed. Alternatively, it may have been a bad install in the first place doubtful , or a combination of these factors. Either way, it worked.

As for the Support services within the Mozilla umbrella, I am impressed by the volume and diversity of information contained here, as well as the caring nature of Good Samaritans such as yourself. A search for Tor showed very little data, and nothing remotely similar to my case. By its very nature, a program like Tor would naturally default to an option like Private Browsing. But how many people know that doing so kills the ability to use passwords? Even though the Tor Project is based on the Mozilla engine, I think the people who run the project should either set up their own Support system or lend a hand here, and not pass the buck to well-meaning benefactors like you and your associates.

But in any event--problem solved, thanks to you and those like you lending time and advice to a perfect stranger. Now all I have to do is find some extra time to monitor these pages so that, maybe someday, I can return the favor. That was very good work.

Well Done. Please flag your last post as Solved Problem so others will know.

Tor browser setting тор браузер для wp tor browser setting


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When you run Tor Browser for the first time, you will see the Connect to Tor window. This offers you the option to either connect directly to the Tor network, or to configure Tor Browser for your connection. In most cases, choosing "Connect" will allow you to connect to the Tor network without any further configuration. If you are on a relatively fast connection, but this bar seems to get stuck at a certain point, see the Troubleshooting page for help solving the problem.

Or, if you know that your connection is censored or uses a proxy, you should click on "Tor Network Settings". The first checkbox is Quickstart. If selected, every time you open Tor Browser, it will try to connect with your previous network settings. The second checkbox asks if you want to use a bridge. If you know your connection is censored, or you have tried and failed to connect to the Tor network and no other solutions have worked, select "Use a bridge".

This will display the Circumvention section to configure a pluggable transport or to connect using Bridges. The third checkbox asks if your connection uses a proxy. Mac: Just double-click the Tor folder. Open the file called torrc in a text editor. To do this, double-click the file.

Add the EntryNodes line. Add the ExitNodes line. Find your entry and exit country codes. For example, if you want your Tor browsing session to start in Canada and exit in Egypt, you would look for the "Canada" country code ca and the "Egypt" country code eg. Not all countries have Tor entry and exit nodes. Enter your entry and exit country codes. Consider disabling strict nodes. Add multiple country options to a strict node. You can add countries by adding more country codes inside of brackets, making sure to separate them with commas.

Save and exit the file. Open Tor and visit a website. Go to any website e. Not Helpful 15 Helpful There you will find a file named "torrc. Not Helpful 22 Helpful Not Helpful 9 Helpful Your exit node is what establishes your "location". Not Helpful 2 Helpful No, it is not at all necessary.

You can choose any because you are just choosing a virtual existence that has no co relation to personal presence geographically. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. I am using HP ProBook b. What else can I do? The problem was most likely an error in the Tor-browser itself.

It may sound redundant, but either restarting your computer or reinstalling Tor-browser might work. If that does not work, you can try to just use exit nodes or only entry nodes. If you use both there might be an error. Multiple commands for an exit node may result in an error vice versa. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 2. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. However, if you really need to stay anonymous, Tor recommends using their default settings. A more reliable way to fake your location is to use a VPN server that lets you choose regional servers. You Might Also Like How to. How to. About This Article. Written by:. Nicole Levine, MFA. Co-authors: Updated: September 1, Categories: Internet Browsers. Article Summary X 1.

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Tor Browser Setup and Tutorial MacOS

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